Expo: "A Dream within the Dream"

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02 Maggio 2012

“THE BREATHING OF THE UNIVERSE” by Alcenero Reines: The immensity of the universe, galaxies, stars, rotating planets  have always fascinated me. In SL I could fly between meteorites and virtually enjoy the space.


“OCEAN“ by Alexa UrizaOne of the best places in Polynesia and its turtles... my favorite land in Sl with its little turtle.


“KISS“ by Anikka Cristal: ... a kiss of dream, the dream of a kiss ...

“THE SWEETNESS“ by Ann4 Resident: Dogs are not racist... they love any bastard human!


“THE PATH“ by Ares Bohemian: I was a child when I saw that man leaving his print and since then I have never missed the pleasure to leave my print in always new worlds.


“MONT SAINT MICHEL” by Bilbo Beningborough: Among those false walls I walked with a great and true love. Among those true walls I walked with a great and false love. Among those walls I left a bit of life ...


“BEYOND THE LIFE“ by Blue Avedon: I stood in front of this big skeleton talking about life and death with two friends in a so direct and simple way that I was amazed.


“CREATIVITY“ by Clapton Blade: Use your mind, there's no planet B.


“MAGIC OF THE MOMENT“ by Conchobar Oran: …but  sometimes it’s a moment…


“A.I.“ by Douglasimma Mcmahon: How long will it take to talk with creatures with artificial intelligence? The first encounter in the First or Second Life? Or are we already talking with them without knowing it?


“NUDE“ by Frantz Catteneo: When Riannon asked me to participate in this show the theme of Real World versus Second Life reality, it was naturally pictures of my girl friends first coming to my mind, and especially those that I know in both worlds: SL and Real. So these are two pictures of SL/RL girl friends of mine, one represented by her RL picture, and the other by her SL picture. One of them is Danish the other American. I don’t tell you which one, and by the way that will be all that you will know about them ! :)


“I  SEE“ by Gormlait Scientist: I see, but what I see?


“GOTHI” by Gothica Minotaur: Gothi and her human sits and ponders the mystery of life as she relaxes.

SHINE SUN UPON US"  by Gwenn Whiteberry: Where is the difference? A beam of life for each atom breath, a beam of life for each bit sigh.


“PARIS“ by Isadora Foggarty: In Paris there is a street, in this street there is a house, in this house there is a room, in this room there is a window, and there, her eyes lost far away, Isabelle feels her relative existence facing the immutable Iron Lady. (In the way of Paul Eluard)


POINTS OF VIEWby Jada Dirval: All due respect to the points of view different from mine, in this case to those of these two kittens.


LEGENDS BETWEEN TWO WORLDS by Jasmine Kimono: I find myself walking among legends in RL and SL and it seems that the transition between the two worlds is so thin that the legends continue.


“THE LABGRAAL“ by Jordan McBride: The same magic of the LabGraal music in RL and SL.


THE ANCESTORS by Kaily Magic: This exhibition left me something of very special, a magical moment where reality and virtuality meet. What is the true reality in which we are?


“WALKING THROUGHT THE OLD LONDON” by Kariin Thorne: A city corner, on a trip to London, which strikes me for some unknown reason that leads me to photograph it. It’s curious and exciting to found it in Second Life, reproduced by someone, somewhere, hit by the same thing. Does something unite us beyond the worlds or  simply we are just the same thing?

“THE FIELD OF RUSHES “ by Klaatu Infinity: “Sooner or later though, you have to wake up”.

“THE PATHWAY“ by Kojiki Cham: I need to search.


“SILENCE AND WORDS “ by Lancillotto Shan: The existence speaks to me with its silence.


“FIREPLACE “ by Lucillus Shan: In the great dream we can perceive the need for the safety of  home that can be found in particular environments. Many times, even for its usefulness, it may be a kitchen. In another dream the same environment does not have any utility but the importance of the fireside.


“THE BRIDGE“ by Melanie Oconnell: The bridge in my pictures represents the transition between the worlds and the possibility of the human-avatar to play and experiment, master of his own destiny, until find that, perhaps, there isn’t much difference between the two worlds.


“SATURN “ by Misor Oh


“RELAX” by Nepharius Weskee: Some time you come here to relax.


BEYOND THE DREAM by Nikol Bingyi: The path leading beyond the dream is the same in RL and SL.

“INFINITE LINES“ by Rasku Infinity: Fly without limits!


“THE DOOR” by Rasku Melodie: Crossing the door.

“DOORS“ by Riannon Rives: There are special places and moments in which the perception changes and the usual things appear in a new and different light. There are places and moments that are doors to new worlds.


“ARMOR DIVENT“ by Robroy Mayo: "Armor divent" in Breton means "The sea is immense" and it is also the title of a beautiful piece of Breton music. Both the place and the  music have always generated in me the sense of wonder that you feel in front of the Mystery.


“LUZ  IN THE UNIVERSITY“ by Silviabrugnoni (Luz) Resident: Luz in the university of Sevilla in RL and SL.


“SOFTWARES AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERS” by Snow Cardalines: maybe we do know the software engineers in SL, but who programs RL?


“LIGHT IN THE NIGHT “ by Spacestar Magic: SL pixels…RL pixels…what are we really seeing? What is what we are seeing?


“BIRTH “ by Tarvos Yanic: Even the log of a dead tree can generate life.


“SHIBARI “ by Teo Quintessa: The woman's body the canvas, the rope, color and brush.


“IN A LOOK“ by Violasophie Condor: In the cats' eyes I expressed the feeling that a RL look or a SL look show the same profound mystery…


“THE SUN INTO THE PINK “ by Virginia Lupindo: I saw a strong reflection among the branches, I tried to catch it ... I recalled a sea of  flowers here, there were pink trees, almost like the real ones, I tried to catch a ray ...here, like in real life, we try to catch…


INSIDE OR OUTSIDE“ by Warrior Shamrock: Two worlds so far but so close.


“EGIPTIAN CAT“ by Zet Avril: I chose this subject because I have loved cats since I was a little girl, besides at school they used to  call me "The Egyptian" and of course also because the Egyptian civilization has always attracted my attention. Sometimes I actually dreamed I have been Egyptian in another life ... hihi.


“YELLOW ROSE “ by Silvestro Dagostino




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