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Brazil urged to suspend Belo Monte Dam Project
07 June 2011

The Brazilian authorities must ensure the rights of indigenous communities living around the river Xingu are respected and protected...

The Vault
17 May 2011

FBI Files on the Existence of UFOs finally disclosed?

The “Rama Vive” Project
01 February 2011

The Celtic Traditions of Piedmont and the Myth of the City of Rama

Domus de Jana
31 May 2011

The hole in the stone

As we were travelling one evening in Sardinia, (in an area of amazing natural beauty known as Barbagia), we drove past a ‘Historic Monuments’ sign advertising a ‘Domus de Jana’, a type of mysterious phenomenon quite common in Sardinia, which is acknowledged as a ‘fairy home’.

Tesla’s Nightmare
16 March 2011

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan

March 11, 2011: an 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan as it struck off the northeastern coast. The worst damage inflicted to the nation of the Rising Sun since the end of World War II. Thousands dead...


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