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Alien invasion & the Independence Day myth

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25 February 2013

The poster of the Independence Day movie

Can human civilization protect itself against unwanted (and possibly dangerous) alien visitation or aggression? Can we control the access to the Solar System? Can we protect “our” Moon and Mars, “our” Solar System? We need the Moon, Mars, and other space bodies of the Solar System for our own colonization of space and to build a space defense system, thus increasing humanity’s chances to survive. Without them, we are rooted on Earth and cannot survive. Alien bases on Mars, on the Moon, and on the other space bodies are a constant potential threat for a fast and deadly attack against Earth. We would be sitting ducks.

Not having the Moon and Mars would be like clipping the space wings of humanity.

Do we possess the scientific, technological, and military capacity to protect humans and our habitat, the Solar System?


The answer is inevitably—no!

Aliens able to cross interstellar space must be thousands of years ahead of our science and technology. We can’t beat them off. They could easily occupy Earth or destroy all humans, or colonize all space bodies in the Solar system.

In the alien invasion movies and science fiction novels, humans bravely defeat the alien invaders. It is extremely naive to believe such nonsense. Only equals or stronger could beat off attacks of star faring civilizations.

The Roman Empire’s army conquered a large portion of the civilized world using superior weapons for their time and ingenious military strategy. But could the prominent Exercitus Romanorum (the army of the Roman Empire) defeat a modern army? No way! Even at its peak in 117 AD, when the empire had about 65 million people population, no matter how brave or how ingenious.

The Roman scientists couldn’t even imagine the weapons of our present armies. The Roman scholars did not have the slightest notion about radios, radars, satellite radio communications, observation satellites, common army rifles, pistols, machine guns, modern artillery, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, missiles, nuclear and regular submarines that can stay under water for months and cross oceans. They had absolutely no idea about nuclear bombs, which could destroy all humans on Earth.

Analogously, we cannot even imagine the weapons and the power of an alien civilization 2,000 years ahead of us, especially taking into account the exponential development of modern science and technology. We have absolutely no idea about the weapons of the future, which could destroy the whole Solar System or only the life within it in a matter of minutes, or could control all humans, even without our knowing it.

The time difference between the Roman Empire and our civilization is less than 2,000 years, and the Romans would have no chance to defeat or fight back a contemporary army.

But what if the technological difference is not 2,000 years, but much smaller, say only 27 years. It is a minor difference. Do we have a chance if an alien army is hypothetically only 27 years ahead of us? Again, the answer is NO!

World War I ended in 1918. World War II ended in 1945. The technological time difference is 27 years.

Could the armies of World War I overcome the armed forces of World War II?

Let’s compare the two armies, separated by a period of only 27 years.

I will start with military aviation because the masters of the sky would win the war. Rule the air and you will rule the land!

Most of the airplanes of World War 1 were biplanes constructed of wooden frames covered with fabric. The top speed of the fastest airplanes of World War I was between 160 km/h (100 mph) and 225 km/h (140 mph).

The speed of the fastest airplanes of WW2 was much higher, between 800 km/h (500 mph) and 1000 km/h (600 mph).

The book The Hidden Alpha by Alexander Popoff, Kindle Edition

The service ceiling of the American B-29 bomber was 10,000 m (31,850 ft). The World War I fighters had a maximum service ceiling of up to 7,000 m; they couldn’t reach the B-29. Nor could the flaks. Almost 90 percent of the bombs (147,000 tons) and the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan were delivered by this type of cabin pressurized bomber. The B-29 could bomb enemy targets day and night with great precision.

The aircraft of World War II were much faster, had radars and sophisticated radio communication, and were much better armed than the planes of World War I. The anti-aircraft gunnery of World War I army was in its infancy and had problems even with the slow World War I airplanes, and the flaks had no radars. Even the much more sophisticated flaks of World War II couldn’t stop the bombers from turning Europe, Japan, and part of the Soviet Union into ruins.

The operational range of World War II aircraft were enormous compared to World War I planes.

The World War II aircraft and rockets would have ultimate air supremacy and easily destroy all planes of the World War I army. Without protection from the air, the World War I army is doomed, because the bombers would drop millions of tons of bombs, annihilating the troops, tanks, trenches, bunkers, fortifications, vehicles, artillery, and cities.

The initial German success of the Blitzkrieg (lightning war) was due to tanks supported from the air by airplanes, bombers, and fighters.

The Russian tank T-34 was designed to be easy to mass-produce, repair, and maintain. It was fast, tough, and maneuverable. The T-34 gun with anti-tank ammunition could penetrate any tank with ease and of course, any World War I tank and armored vehicle.

The German V-2, A-4 of the Aggregate rocket series designed by Wernher von Braun was the first ballistic missile and the first aircraft to enter outer space. A scientific reconstruction carried out in 2010 for the “Blitz Street” program, a documentary series about life in England during World War II, demonstrated that the V-2 creates a crater 20 m wide and 8 m deep, throwing up around 3,000 tons of material into the air.

A V-2 launch from submarines was successfully tested just before the end of the war.

Another fearful weapon of World War II was the Russian Katyusha multiple rocket launcher, which could deliver a devastating amount of explosives to a target area in a matter of seconds. The enemy soldiers from the target area who were not dead or injured could not fight because they were temporarily deaf and totally confused by the immense sound of the bombardment.

And finally, the ultimate weapon of World War II—the atomic bomb, an apotheosis of science, technology, destruction, and terror, and a constant threat to human extinction.

The World War I armies, no doubt, can’t defeat World War II armies. There would be no need ever for the World War II army to use its entire military power to defeat the earlier army.

A technologically advanced army or a civilization can easily defeat enemies at earlier technological levels of development.

If you watch a movie in which humans defeat a technologically advanced alien army capable of interstellar travel, look for scientific and technological mistakes, a lot of them!

The alien invasion folly started with the novel The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. Space invaders from Mars came to conquer the Earth…naked! The fictional tentacled astronauts bravely breathed terrestrial air and knew nothing about microbes.

According to the majority of science fiction scriveners, most planets are inhabited by nudist morons. In lots of novels and movies, the aliens are naked.

In Independence Day, Captain Hiller (Will Smith) drags a naked alien from a crashed extraterrestrial aircraft across the desert. What, it was a protective biomechanical suit that only looked like a nasty naked creature? Obviously, the biosuit had no protective value because the brave pilot decked the alien invader with a single punch and the octopus-like extraterrestrial warrior remained unconscious for several hours.

In this particular case, the idea of symbiosis between aliens and tough living clothes was not very productive.

Why should a creature protect its fragile body with another (even if it is less fragile) biomechanical body, when there are incredibly better protective materials far exceeding the living material?

The novel The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells inspired lots of novels and movies

A fragile body hiding inside a tougher biological body is a sort of symbiotic life with living pants and living jacket, hooves, and lots of tentacles. Actually, the aliens are naked since the living secondary body is not protected by any environmental suit or clothes.

Wearing a spacesuit is not a matter of shame, moral standards, or fashion; it is to protect the fragile biological body from the hazards of the environment—harmful microorganisms (like prions, fungi, bacteria, viruses), gases, weapon attacks, strikes, radiations, cosmic rays, extreme temperatures, the vacuum of space, different atmospheric pressure, sudden changes of pressure in the atmosphere, no air to breathe, harmful liquids and vapors, fire, g-forces, etc.

How would the unprotected biological body react to the vacuum of outer space? According to NASA, theory predicts and animal experiments confirm that after one or two minutes the creature dies. The biomechanical suit should be dead, too.

What would happen to a naked creature (vicious invader or wacky tourist) on a planet like Venus if it were not a native Venusian? Simple: it would die within a few seconds.

The Venusian atmospheric surface pressure is very high, 93 bar, and the biological body would shrivel almost instantly, not having time to take a single breath of the deadly, blazing air of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. While shriveling, the biological remnants would catch fire, for the temperature is 462°C (863.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The ashes would begin to dissolve in the sulfuric acid.

A battle spaceships has dramatic accelerations and decelerations, and without a special protective spacesuit, the creatures would die or at least will be unable to pilot the battleship or to fight. Blood circulation becomes impaired because the heart must work much harder to pump blood through the body. The heavily impaired circulation leads to death or to the dimming or loss of consciousness, as the heart can no longer pump blood to the brain. Anti-g suits are a norm for surviving in a military aircraft.

The clothes are also a way for the fighters to carry on themselves weapons, instruments, communication devices, medicine, food, personal belongings, etc., which are vital for survival in a hostile alien environment.

One might wonder from which cavity of the naked body an alien would produce a weapon, a screwdriver, or a cookie.

Spacesuits are covered with plenty of pockets and velcro, helping the astronauts keep everything they are working with near them for in weightlessness anything floats away.

Astronauts and military personnel are also equipped with survival kits: a package of basic tools and supplies as an aid to survival in an emergency.

Pilots are among the most expensive fighters. Armies put great efforts into keeping them safe and sound, and would never send them into battle unprotected, and by no means naked. The training alone of a military pilot costs between 1 and 2 million dollars. To that cost must be added salaries, insurance, housing, regular training hours, etc.

The army needs tens of thousands of pilots.

During World War II, the United States produced about 296,000 military aircrafts, the Soviet Union—120,000; Germany—104,000; and England—102,600. All these airplanes needed qualified pilots.

For the extraterrestrial invaders, we are aliens and Earth is a dangerous alien environment. They cannot eat our food, drink our water, breathe our air, or walk unprotected. There is no way for sapient creatures to engage in a battle or walk on alien planets naked.


The brave movie earthlings once again won the war against The Federation of the Naked Morons with Super Spaceships.

Sorry if I am disappointing you, but humans have absolutely no chance of surviving an attack by an advanced alien civilization.

The writers and moviemakers use the most primitive forms of human fears. The spaceships are dangerously huge, the aliens wield enormous weapons, and they have giant, nasty, bad-tempered robots on their side. The alien invaders use colossal, flying, menacing, metallic, rotating, sparkling balls designed to destroy anything in their path, known as “shredders.” The alien battle machines look more like nightmarish, squeaking half-metallic, half-animal creatures, than like real weapons of the future.

A scene of the film Independence Day by Roland Emmerich

Truly advanced civilizations can destroy all our weapons in matter of seconds and control us—whether they invade or not.

The movies present most the primitive forms of alien invasion, and they are of course are highly unrealistic and improbable. For instance, a bunch of cowboys destroys aliens capable of crossing interstellar space. Such movies are very patriotic, but misleading.

Anyway, why do so many writers and moviemakers insist aliens be naked?

The eternal conflict between good and evil, personified as God and the Devil, is one of the most conventional themes in the arts. Writers and audiences need these ultimate symbols of good and evil, God and the Devil, and their mighty invisible presence.

The evil naked aliens are the modern form of the ancient mythological image of the Devil. People want to hear and to see the archaic tale about the go(o)d defeating the (d)evil over and over again. This makes them feel good. People like to read mythological stories and watch movies with such elements.

Instead of independent, conscious thinking, we get from our unconscious mental legos, which are forming the mental picture of the world we see, just like the colorful, interlocking, plastic Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways to construct various objects.

All humans, without exception, are in the tight grip of their primitive unconscious, which delivers the mental picture of the world and serves the mundane, too. Humans are still very far from the moment of independent logical thinking. Instead, we get mental legos mastered throughout the history of the Universe.

Because of the evil nature of the Devil, writers and artists usually depict him as an abhorrent, repulsive creature. Stories, plays, paintings, etc., often show him naked with hooves or goat legs, various forms of horns, scaly or furry skin, fangs, and a tail. The cloven hoof has been associated with the Devil.

The Devil is often identified with the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were expelled from the eternal paradise of happiness where they were doing nothing but eating, gaping, and having sex. The tentacles (resembling a serpent) of the evil aliens are another symbol of the devil. Humans also have a natural negative attitude about snakes. The Devil has a repulsive skin, as does the snake.

Medieval artists often depicted the Devil as a half-man, half-beast. Therefore, the evil aliens should also have beastly forms.

Fear of the Devil is imprinted in the unconscious of most people. He is a powerful archetype in many societies.

The Independence Day aliens resemble the Devil from paintings by medieval artists or contemporary psychics; such striking visuals come from the unconscious and are indented to frighten us.

People are normal; aliens and the Devil are an aberration from the norm. People have hands, aliens have tentacles. The Devil can turn into a serpent, looking like a tentacle. People have legs, the Devil and the aliens have hooves.

The Devil and the aliens are generally regarded as the adversaries of the God, and are usually associated with danger, violence, and death, while man is created in the image of God.

The Devil and the aliens are powerful destructive forces, God and man are creative.

The primitive, beastly, and uncultivated is naked. The sophisticated wears clothes. Many ancient gods are also naked, but the traditions have changed since antiquity and nudity is unacceptable for most people; it is a sign of primitiveness and shame, imprinted deep in the mind of humans. When we appear naked in front of other people in our dreams, we feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Skyline, a movie by Strause Brothers

Many moviemakers know very well that naked interstellar travel and space wars in the nude are silly, so they came up with a great idea, the aliens to be naked and dressed at the same time. The moviemakers invented the naked biomechanical suit. Not very scientific, but a perfect personification of the ancient unconscious image of the Devil.

The Devil is the symbol of the ultimate enemy. Defeat the ultimate enemy and you will become the ultimate hero, and all others become automatically inferior to you and will serve you. So you are the alpha dog, the world dominator.

Other important mythological elements in Independence Day are David and Goliath, and Achilles’s heel.

The humans destroy the advanced space traveling alien army, just like the smaller David defeated the giant Goliath.

The biblical meaning of the story of David and Goliath is that great odds can be overcome by the underdogs if the motivation is strong enough and if God is on your side.

Another popular myth exploited by moviemakers, writers, and advertising companies is the slogan: you deserve it!

The new BEST car. Buy it. You deserve it.

The employees deserve to teach a lesson to the bad big boss, to the banks, to the sinister corporations.

Your boss has to give you a raise, you deserve it.

You deserve to have blue eyes, to be a millionaire, to be 20 cm taller.

You deserve to have bigger boobs and a larger penis (in most cases, it is preferable that the boobs and the penis not be attached to the same body).

You deserve a brighter president, vote for me!

Luxury, you deserve it.

You deserve the best.

You deserve to defeat the evil aliens and celebrate victory and freedom!

You deserve it!

You deserve to read the finest books of this world. You deserve a copy of my book The Hidden Alpha! Buy copies for all your kids, grandkids, future kids, friends, relatives, colleagues… Save money and buy it! You deserve it! If you can’t buy 100 copies this year, save money and buy 200 copies next year. You deserve it!

Holy smoke, that slogan is really exiting and contagious. I deserve it! I like it!

The final point is this. Civilizations at lower levels of scientific and technological development cannot defeat civilizations at higher levels of science and technology.

If you see the contrary, like in many movies and novels, you should know that this is not the real world, you are in the world of mythology, whose main task is to guide you to develop as quickly as possible, not to teach you science.

Tinseltown is the birthplace of a large part of modern mythology, actually of the profitable part of the myths.

One latest addition to the myth is the silicon girl, an obvious answer to the vicious coming alien aggressors, because these girls with silicon lips, silicon boobs, and silicon on the brain possess the mental capacity of two Einsteins and the iron muscle power of three Schwarzeneggers on double doses of steroids. These tinselgirls easily can overtake even the strongest armed villains, whether terrestrial or alien, and they know the answers to the most intricate scientific problems, which can’t be answered by the leading scientists on this Earth.

Pleasant dreams, mankind, the tinselsaviors are here to help you in any distress.

The whole world is great!… until you wake up.


Alexander Popoff is a writer and independent researcher


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