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Authorization of the Court of Torino No. 64, 13 December 2010

An initiative of the Ecospirituality Foundation Onlus
NGO In Consultative Status with the United Nations

Editorial Staff in Second Life:

Chief Director

  • Gene Delpiaz


  • JohnTitor Shan


  • Sheela Nagy

Editorial staff

  • Peregrin Yootz
  • BobThor Runo
  • Wilma Mohr
  • Vickie Maidstone
  • Ulysses Hastings
  • Nevar Lobo
  • VoidMask
  • SaduV Dreamscape
  • Tir Janus
  • Jacaranda Flanagan
  • Zelda Ecksol

Editorial graphic designers

  • Time Shan
  • Leila Infinity
  • LokiGraal Merlin

Editorial secretary

  • Leila Infinity

To contact the editorial staff:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
No returns of material sent to the Editorial Staff

Piazza Statuto, 15 10122 TORINO (Italia)

Simonetta Panei


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