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Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers

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13 February 2017
Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers

Discoveries by Ronald Pegg, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Bible messengers, perceived religiously as Angels, were actually human time travellers tasked to warn our modern civilization. They directed the writing of specific historical information into the world's ancient texts.  The writers, known in a religious sense as prophets, misinterpreted these encounters due to their limited understanding. This was further compounded by the writers’ insistence of explaining the encounters in a way that fit into their preconceived spiritual and cultural ideas so that they became part of their theology. Those original messages have continued to be obscured with the passage of time as translators incorporate bias by ignoring the Greek and Hebrew etymology of key words that don’t fit with their understanding of the world and what they ‘know’ they are translating. These encounter writings were meant to be found and identified at the point of time when the reader could recognise the contents as tangible descriptions rather than supernatural or spiritual in nature. An understanding that could help alleviate the burdens of unessential traditions and correct past mistakes.

Dreams and Visions of Modern History

Future information showed and revealed to biblical writers (including Ezekiel, Daniel, and John) can be found in what is traditionally known as 'dream' and 'vision' accounts. When these ‘future descriptions’ as recorded in various ancient narratives are checked to late 20th century historical events, it was found that at least four types of incidents were told to ancient people:

Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers

1) a specific historical War;

2) an Astronomical event;

3) the discovery of Codes in the Bible; and

4) accounts of which Religions were accidentally spawned due to time travel encounters.

Impact on Ancient Culture and Theology
Evidence reveals that time travel expeditions back to the past also had impacts upon other ancient cultures. Misunderstandings pushed societies in new directions that were unexpected. Sometimes deemed to be ‘Angels’, ‘gods’, ‘Elders’ or ‘Wise Ones’, the time travellers were considered to have had magical powers due to the computer technology taken with them back to the past. This explains the supernatural themes surrounding most religions and cultures, as well as many folklore legends such as magic mirrors, crystal balls and oracles.

Ronald Pegg asserts that many of the stories in Egyptian, Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Mormon and other scared world texts are not about divine or even supernatural experiences. He states that they are about human time travellers showing and telling future information from a series of modern history books, including the contents of data disks similar to DVDs being shown on a computer’s screen. This was incomprehensible to older societies with limited technology who perceived these now widely known artifacts as magic, supernatural or divine in nature.

Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers

Despite the cultural and theological bias which has caused deviation from original texts, amazing evidence still exists in the descriptions of those ancient chronicles even if the surface story context given is no longer accurate. These writings not only describe entire computer screenshots of three specific data disks that are detailed throughout the texts, but also certain screen sequences with how to move through them using specific links. Even scaled measurements are given for multiple images on the one screen.

Evidence Back in the Past

Here is a cropped picture of eight Mormon witnesses in the mid 1800s in America holding an artefact. There was nothing common that matched it during that era, with this artefact having the wrong dimensions to be a glass photographic plate. It is in fact a plastic CD jewel case previously unidentified or incorrectly labelled, again due to the bias of not accepting something that doesn’t fit into a person’s understanding. Like the unexplainable descriptions of computer technology in ancient texts, this image was dated to before plastic was invented. This is just the beginning of amazing evidence.

Link to Video: www.worldbreakingdiscoveries.com.au


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