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Speleology in artificial cavities and archaeoastronomy
06 October 2014

The cave of Casnea in Briaglia in the italian Province of Cuneo

In the 70s a local researcher had claimed that a small artificial cave in the hills of Briaglia, near the town of Mondovi...

European Union supports Indigenous Peoples
24 July 2014

The Declaration of the European Union presented by its Delegate at the seventh session of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

CERN announces first winners of the Accelerate@CERN arts programme
18 June 2014

CERN today announces the first winners of the Laboratory’s new Accelerate @ CERN programme – a one-month research award for artists. The winners, from the fields of Visual Arts and Interactive Web Art, are drawn...

Spain hosts the most important international event in the field of particle physics
04 June 2014

From the 3rd to the 9th of July, around one thousand particle physicists will fly in from around the world to Valencia to take part in the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP)...

Turkey to become Associate Member State of CERN
12 May 2014

CERN Director General Rolf Heuer and Mr Taner Yildiz, Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, today signed an agreement admitting Turkey to CERN Associate Membership...

Interview with Nadir Bekirov
24 July 2014

Nadir Bekirov is the President of the international public organization “Foundation for Research and Support of Indigenous Peoples of Crimea”. We met him at the United Nation of Geneva in the occasion of the 7th session of the Expert Mechanism...

CERN experiments report new Higgs boson measurements
23 June 2014

In a paper published in the journal Nature Physics today, the CMS experiment at CERN reports new results on an important property of the Higgs particle...

CERN’s ALPHA experiment measures charge of antihydrogen
04 June 2014

In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications today, the ALPHA experiment at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator (AD) reports a measurement of the electric charge of antihydrogen atoms, finding it to be compatible with zero to eight decimal places.

CERN openlab publishes a whitepaper on future IT challenges in scientific research
23 May 2014

Geneva, 22 May 2014. CERN openlab, the public-private partnership between CERN, leading IT companies and research institutes, released today a whitepaper on future IT challenges in scientific research to shape its upcoming three-year phase starting in 2015.

CERN and ESA sign cooperation agreement
31 March 2014

At a ceremony today at Geneva airport, CERN and ESA signed a framework agreement for future cooperation on research and technology in areas of mutual interest.


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