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Maldives: the violence that goes unnoticed
12 April 2012

In 2009, Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives (before being overthrown in a recent coup), held a cabinet meeting underwater. He sat at a table anchored to the ocean floor, wearing a wetsuit and oxygen tank, and signed a law meant to make the country carbon neutral within a decade.

Triqui caravan stands down after shameful moves by Government
29 February 2012

The Triqui people of San Juan Copala are returning to the Palace of Governance in Oaxaca de Juárez after a series of shameful moves by the Oaxaca government.

Things were finally starting to look up for the displaced community...

'Draconian' Environmental Amendments dropped in Papua New Guinea
28 January 2012

On January the 19th the contested O'Neill-Namah government repealed amendments made to the environmental act by the Somare government and as a result have given local peoples back the rights to their own land and to pursue legal action...

Shooting Stars and ancient Myth
24 December 2011

Shooting stars as they are known to have been a spectacle of awe and wonder for all of humanity since the primordial days. They were and are still seen as signs from some sort of mysterious realm; omens bringing some sort of message that needed to be deciphered.

Evidence of Vitrified Stonework in the Inca Vestiges of Peru
14 December 2011

Vitrified stones are simply stones that have been melted to a point where they form a glass or glaze. There is much debate in archaeological circles over the ancient examples under study for two reasons...

Safou: the “Butterfruit”
16 March 2012

Native to the humid, tropical forests of West and Central Africa, safou (Dacryodes edulis) is also known as the “butterfruit” for its rich, oily pulp. But safou is more than just creamy and delicious. It’s quickly becoming an important cash crop for small farmers...

San Juan Copala: Autonomous Triquis want to go home
19 February 2012

Oaxaca Governor Gabino Cue protects paramilitaries; people mobilize

Now it’s back to the streets, or rather the mountain highways of Oaxaca for the Triqui comrades expelled under fire from the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala

Lume de Biqueira, The Galician Pipes that Play at Madrid
24 December 2011

“Putting your heart in everything you do is all that matters...”

“Lume de Biqueira” is a band of Galician Gaitas (bagpipes) of Madrid. It has participated in National Competitions of Galician Gaitas,

Can Art Matter?
14 December 2011

Published In Heaven: Blood Filled Vessels

The older I get the more I realize I don't know anything, no one does. We're all guessing, feeling our way, grappling for answers. But every day I have encounters with the spirit world...

Do We Need More Energy? Illuminating the Energy Paradox
24 November 2011

This year’s events in Japan are again causing people to question the safety and sanity of nuclear energy, and to look at the economic and regulatory forces that justify its existence...


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